Final Reflection, Discussion and Action Plans

ü Where are we going? Goals
ü What progress has been made to get there? Current Actions
ü What needs to be done to progress? Continued and New Actions
During the final portion of the Forum, seven groups reflected on the Forum presentations, discussed the issues, and determined a set of goals, current actions, and a set of action plans.

The following is a list of the actions plans
  1. Improve implementation and buy-in to create life long learners of math standards-based learning.
  2. Create a math and science teacher list serve.
  3. Design a common instructional approach in achieving common standards in implementing the vision.
  4. Implement programs within schools to increase community involvement.
  5. Increase teacher communication through professional learning communities.
  6. Build awareness and buy-in of updated mathematics content standards.
  7. Teach our teachers not to accept the status quo.
  8. Educate school boards and communities.
  9. Change school structure.
  10. Increase graduation requirements.
  11. Extend professional learning communities though blended online professional development for content delivery.
  12. Review research and current articles on standards-based education.
  13. Gather current and emerging leaders for intensive, long-term professional development on current issues, content, and leardership skills.
  14. Disseminate a montly newsletter to participants and all interested educators.

Documentation of each group's gaols, current actions, and action plans.

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