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Developing Standards-Based Education System: A Look at Standards-Based Instruction in Elementary, Middle and High School Classrooms
Billings Public Schools: Lisa Scott, Courtney Niemeyer, Angel Zickefoose, Kim Komar, Linda Horst, Lisa Wood

Billings Public Schools is in the process of working toward implementing Standards-Based Education. This presentation is an overview of what has occurred at the district level and what is happening at the classroom level. The focus will be on determining what students need to know and understand, how to design lessons that will teach what is intended and how to assess that students are learning what is intended.

Questions posed after the presentation:

ü What is necessary to create standards-based schools/classrooms?
ü What is authentic learning for teachers and students?
ü What roles and responsibilities do we have as individuals and groups to ensure effective standards-based learning environments for teachers and students?

Responses: This document is a compilation of the discussion from each of the eight groups.

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