Keynote Speaker: Dr. Eric Milou
K-12 Standards Based Mathematics: Debate, Dialogue, and Direction

Examining issues and debates in mathematics education including the common core standards initiative, the NCTM Focal Points, the National Math Panel report, and the transition from K-12 to college. Reflections will be upon what is known about mathematics teaching and learning and suggest possible paths for the future.

Dr. Milou presented information and examples about the Common Core Initiative, National Math Panel Report, NCTM Focal Points, Concepts vs Skills Debate, Why Don't My Students have Number Sense, and the Role of Technology.

Dr. Milou inlcuded several attachements worth reading.

Attachments (7)

  • "Benchmarking for Success: Ensuring U.S. Students Recieve a World-Class Education" A report by the National Governors Association, the Council of Cheif State School Officers, and Achieve, Inc., 2008.

  • " The Math Wars" Alan H. Schoenfeld, Educational Policy, 2004.

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